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This serves as the healthcare providers' orientation to neonatal neurology. Her job is to not only take care of these little patients but to make sure the healthcare provider aware of the neurological state of these patients. For a parents' orientation to neonatal neurology go to the parents corner.

Fetal-Neonatal Neurology Program | Boston Children's Hospital

Taeun Chang gives us an overview of the anatomy of the brain. She draws as she explains so we can see where things are and what function different parts have. This is helpful to improve our understanding of brain injury. Taeun Chang, Neonatal and Fetal Neurologist from Children's National, explains the different ways a premature infant can get Intraventricular hemorrhage, bleeding into the brain's ventricular system.

Taeun Chang explains the intraventricular hemorrhage grading system.

While she does not like the system, she knows that it is widely used in the NICU therefore important to understand how most physicians define these stages. She explains the complications with this system to help you better understand what each stage might mean. Taeun Chang explains that treatment options for IVH are limited so many times physicians are left evaluating. She explains why this is and also talks about her experience and recommendations for evaluating such cases. She explains the terminology and why it is important to understand this condition for the newborn.

What are Neonatal Neurological Disorders?

Your letter of interest should outline your career aspirations and goals and objectives for this fellowship position and enclose your CV and names of at least three 3 referees. Limited graduate and post-graduate training opportunities are available. Qualified applicants who have sponsored funding are encouraged to contact Dr.

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Chau vann. Lack of heart rate variability indicates brain injury.

Cutting Edge Care for Expecting Families

Premature birth and placental infection are major contributors to neonatal brain injuries. Fostering a greater understanding of the placental hormones and growth factors present in the normal fetal environment may help physicians develop targeted therapies that prevent brain injury.

Neonatal Neurology

Her ongoing research in both babies and mice focuses on determining which fetal and newborn hormone levels correlate with normal development and improved neurological outcomes when there is risk of brain injury. Our training programs offer top-notch medical education and experience complementing our commitment to excellence. Faced with an APGAR score of one, which indicated Avery was struggling, the team quickly recognized the infant had hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy HIE , one of the most severe complications that can affect full-term infants.

Tammy Tsuchida Neurophysiologist Neonatal Neurologist. Joseph Scafidi Neonatal Neurologist. Anna Penn Neonatologist. Nickie Andescavage Neonatologist.