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In the American continent, the autochtonous Amerindians, and people of European and African origin, contributed in different degrees and in a gender-specific manner to the formation of the tri-hybrid population of the present time.

Conversely, in self-identified black Brazilians, European ancestry is higher in the Y chromosome as compared to the mtDNA. The extensive admixture of Brazilians makes also ethnic classifications, based on continental origin, parental background or physical appearance rather relative. Interethnic admixture introduces variation in individual ancestry, and results in distinct levels of population structure, depending on the extent and dynamics of the admixture process and the prevailing social environment where this process developed. Thus, extrapolation of pharmacogenomic data across admixed populations, even when the ancestral roots are shared, may be misleading if not unwarranted.

REFARGEN aims to promote close scientific interaction among its members, to establish a multi-centered repository of biological samples for pharmacogenomic studies, to create an archive of pharmacogenomic data for the Brazilian population, to provide a forum for public debate of topics pertaining to pharmacogenomics and to play an active role in educational programs directed to the health science students, professionals and public health officials.

Pharmacology and genetics, the pillars of pharmacogenomics, have a long tradition in Brazil and are represented by national societies with many decades of activity and thousands of members.

Pharmacogenomic investigation raises important ethical questions. Brazil has a structured system for the approval of clinical protocols, based on institutional review boards IRB , which must be accredited—and are reviewed at regular intervals—by an independent national ethics committee CONEP linked to the National Health Council CNS.

This guarantees proper ethical conduct for any project developed in the country.

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Date: Dec. From: The Pharmacogenomics Journal Vol. Publisher: Nature Publishing Group.

Document Type: Article. Length: 1, words. Author s : G Suarez-Kurtz [1] Interethnic genetic differences in the prevalence of polymorphisms affecting drug-metabolizing enzymes, drug transporters, and receptors are well documented and must be considered within the perspective of individualized pharmacotherapy.

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